Frequently Asked Questions

Do the booking packages include tables and chairs?

Each 2020 package will include mahogany folding chairs for up to 240 with a head table up to 20, 30 square tables and up to 4 rectangle tables in hall; 6 wooden pews and 225 antique folding chairs for a barn ceremony OR 250 white folding chairs for an outdoor ceremony. Please remember to account for chairs in the ceremony and dinner at the same time as chairs cannot be moved.

Do you offer any linens or service-ware?

Our rustic tables do not require linens; however, we do offer linen napkins and table linens in a variety of colors and sizes. Please visit

We offer a variety of serviceware options. Please visit

Do you have required caterers?

You can choose a licensed caterer with whom you are comfortable with. However, there are caterers we prefer to work with because of their quality of service, offerings and value. Please refer to the vendor referral sheet to view those select vendors.

Are we required to use your Business Partners?

Working with our partners has many advantages, but we will work with whichever vendors you are most comfortable with.

Can we bring in our own drinks and alcohol?

No. We are a fully licensed bar and will provide beverage service for all drinks. We can work with you if you are interested in special offerings we do not carry.

Can we have a specialty drink?

Yes, of course.  We will work with you to help develop a beverage menu to provide your guests.

What time can we get in to start decorating?

Each booking comes with its own time guidelines. We will allow you as much time as possible.  If you are organized and prepared, a lot of work can be accomplished in a short amount of time.  Hiring decorating services can help. Additional time may be available on an hourly rental basis.

Is there a place for the ceremony?

The venue can be used in several ways. Your ceremony can be held in the barn or outside in a few different places.  It is important to remember The Barn can only be used for either the ceremony or dinner/reception but not both in the same night.

Is there enough parking for my guests?

Yes. We have the capacity to seat 400 people inside and even more outside in different setups. You can estimate your guests will travel two people per car on average. We have the capacity to park over 250 cars on gravel and acres more on grass fields if needed.

Can I have a tent put up?

Yes. We have different spaces that allow different size tents.  We do not provide tents but we can refer you to a vendor that does. Depending on how you would like to use the tent, additional requirements may apply.

Do you have cooler space?

Yes. We have a cooler in the kitchen space area of our building for small items.

Do you have a caterer prep area?

Yes, we do have a prep area with counter space and room for caterers to plate and hold hot boxes.

What happens if it rains?

The weather is always a concern when using an outdoor venue. We will do as much as we can to assure your day flows smoothly no matter what the conditions but ask you to also go with the flow. If your ceremony is planned to be held outdoors, it’s likely your set up will allow for an indoor back up space. Our buildings are safe from the elements and The Shed has climate control for those extreme days.

Is the barn heated?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot allow any heaters in the barn as they are a fire hazard.

Do you have decorations or do any of the decorating for us?

Your booking does not include any decorating services. We do offer a number of decor, lighting and seating options, all in the form of rentals and services. Please visit to see our inventory or simply ask what we can offer you.

What are the seating capacities of the spaces?

The Barn can hold 300 for a ceremony.  The Hall can seat up to 400 for dinner.

What time do we have to be out of the venue?

12:00AM. As for cleanup, all items must be taken with you at the end of the evening.

Do you have a noise curfew?

Yes, we do have an outdoor noise curfew, including the barn, of 11 o’clock on Friday and Saturday, 11:30pm in the hall on Friday and Saturday.

Can we have our pets as part of or festivities?

Yes.  We will allow pets to be part of your day for an additional cleaning fee. However, they are only allowed outdoors and in the barn.

Can we bring in props?

Yes.  We have had very unique items brought in from classic cars to tractors to motorcycles.  Be creative and just ask how we can make it work.

Can we play a slideshow?

Yes. Located in the bar area we have a large flat screen TV that is available for you to use with a USB flash drive of photos to run all night.

Does the venue have a sound system?

Yes.  The Barn and Hall each have their own sound system with capabilities to provide background music or microphone but not both at the same time.

Is there power in the barn for a DJ, extra lighting, etc?

Yes.  The Barn and the Hall are equipped with multiple power sources for those needs

Can I bring in food for my wedding party the day of?

You may bring food in for the party however we do not allow any outside beverages as part of our no carry in policy.

Can I come back the next day to pick up my items?

Everything you bring with you must also go with you at the end of the event. The Brighton Acres staff will do their best in assisting you to make it an easy exit.

What size and type of tables do you provide?

Our standard tables are: 52”x52”. Our rectangles typically used for the head table and gift tables are 8ft 9” x 34”. Visit for examples and pricing of additional seating options.

Do you offer additional seating options?

Yes, we have additional seating available. Please inquire about additional charges for the following chairs:

-Antique Folding         -Gold Chiavari

-Mahogany Folding     -Fruitwood Chiavari


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Acquired in the 1940’s, Brighton Acres originated as a family-owned farm. The potential of the property was clear as friends and family began requesting to use the property for birthdays, anniversaries and eventually even weddings. After hosting more than 500 commercial weddings, the property has and continues to evolve into a space that we believe to be diverse in its options, beautiful and well laid out.