Can I view your rental items in person?

Yes, absolutely! If there is a specific item that you are interested in seeing, please call ahead and we can schedule a viewing.

How long is the rental period?

Our rentals are available for pick-up on the Thursday before your event. They can be returned the Tuesday following your event. Items not returned by the following Tuesday may result in a $25 per day late fee.

How do I submit an order or request an estimate?

As you browse our online inventory, you can simply add the items you are interested in by clicking on the “Add to Wishlist” button. (Doing so will enter in a quantity of 1 for the specific item. If you would like to request more than 1, you can edit your wishlist on the same screen by clicking on your “Wishlist” above the item’s description and changing the quantity.)

Once you’ve selected all the items you are interested in, navigate to the top of our site and click “Wishlist.” Here you can review your items and submit your wishlist for an estimate and to check on our availability. Please fill in the appropriate information and hit “Submit!”

You will receive an email with a link to your printable Wishlist. This does not guarantee your order, but simply acts a reference tool. We will email you separately to confirm quantities and establish any other order needs, such as delivery or set-up.

How do I reserve the rentals on my estimate?

Your estimate is valid for 14 days from the time we send it to you for review. We cannot guarantee that the items on your estimate will remain available after the 14 days.

A 50% deposit and your signed estimate will reserve your rental items.

Can I make changes to my order?

Quantity changes to your order can be made up to 8 days before your event.

No changes or reductions may be made to an order 7 days prior to the event. Some additions may be allowable within the 7-day period, and but may incur an additional labor or delivery charge.

There will be no return on deposits for orders cancelled within 30 days of the event.

What happens if something is broken or damaged at my event?

Everything we send to your event will be in great shape! Because we have a “you break it, you bought it” damage policy, everything has to be returned to us in the same rentable condition. If something is damaged at your event, you’ll be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement (10x the rental price for irreparable items.) This allows us to be sure that all items are in the same great condition every time they go out.

We’ll keep your credit card on file for cases like this. We want your last experience with OER to be the happy feelings you have on the day of your celebration. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting us any additional payment info after the event. We won’t run your card without letting you know first, but having the information on file, just makes it easy for everyone.